The group's vineyards are located on two estates, strategically located so that the grape reaches the winery at its best.

Both vineyards are equipped with the latest innovations in cultivation techniques, including vines on trellises and drip fertigation under the constant and careful supervision of our agricultural engineer and the oenologist.



The largest, Don Rodrigo (200 has.),has a micro-climate that comes from the north-south direction of the Bonhabal stream and an altitude of more than 400 metres above sea level.

The unique composition of its clay and sedimentary rock land in addition to the special soil depth results in grapes harvested in this vineyard that produce wines with a character that makes them stand out from the rest in the region.


The second vineyard – El Cubillo (100 has.)

It is located near the banks of the river Guadajira, with a slightly milder climate and cool pebbly lands that produce, in certain varieties, an exquisite quality of grape.




The varieties of red wine grape currently in production are Tempranillo, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Syrah, Garnacha and Merlot.

White wine grapes: Sauvignon-Blanc, Macabeo, Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay and Cayetana. All of the foreign vines were selected, cloned and imported from prestigious nurseries.

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