Peña del Valle

The winery is located in the vineyard of the Don Rodrigo estate. This deliberately-chosen location prevents oxidation and contamination of the grapes during the short journey, ensuring that they reach the winery intact, without losing a single one of their properties.


Taste and Aroma


Land and Vine


Wood and Wine

When they reach the winery, the grapes are carefully selected; then the must runs through the aseptic lines to the truncated cone-shaped and self-emptying tanks for maceration and cold fermentation.

Bodegas Peña del Valle was founded in 2003 by Miguel García de la Peña and Juan del Valle. The two partners are childhood friends and were classmates at San José de Villafranca de los Barros School (Badajoz).

Miguel, a social graduate, is the third generation of a family of winegrowers from Tierra de Barros. He started looking after the vineyards and making wine in the family winery at a young age. With over thirty years experience in grape growing and winemaking, Miguel is a master at making the excellent wines that are then bottled.

Juan, a graduate in Agricultural Business Management and Marketing (California Polytechnic State University - 1992), has extensive experience in the food sector as a sales and marketing manager; he is currently the manager of Bodegas Peña del Valle.










In order to age the wine we have a fully-equipped and air-conditioned chamber, equipped with air-conditioning units and humidifiers that provide this room with optimum conditions, regardless of the weather. Bodegas Peña del Valle has new and used French oak barrels

Once it has been aged in the barrel, the wine is bottled, where it is left to round and reach that level of refinement that characterises Bodegas Peña del Valle wines.

Wines from the land of Extremadura

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